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Parenting has always been labelled as a strenuous and complicated life experience. Despite the fact that it is indeed an intricate life event because parents are dealing with nurturing of fragile and complex life form, there are ways to simplify the process and make things light and fun.


A fun parenting experience equates with quality parent-baby time. And this bonding creates strong foundation and big impact in the child’s growth. This is why we at RGN Dynamic Distributors Corp. advocates on fun parenting through research, development, testing and distribution of high grade and safe parenting products that catalyze effective baby and infant nursing.  


Through our primary parenting brand Li’l Twinkies that was established in the year 2018, our advocacy is reflected in our roster of safe and convenient to use products like milk storage, baby feeding bottles, utensils, teethers, and other mom and baby health care accessories.

At Li’l Twinkies, we ensure to build a lasting sense of trust and confidence with our clients and partners by committing to the highest standards in making primary nursing products and new unique ones. 


To introduce new baby care tools and concepts, and produce high-grade mom and baby products for a safe and convenient parenting experience


A rewarding parenting and nursing experience through our high-grade products that are trusted by most parents worldwide 

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